Behind the Bandeaus

Behind the Bandeaus

Natural Life is a brand that has been with us since the very beginning.  We have always loved what this company stands for and the messages it portrays through its products.  Yes, they have absolutely adorable products and so many items that make you want to redecorate your whole room.   But what they really stand for is appreciating the little things in life and making the world not just a better, but a happier place.  Natural Life is another woman-owned business and Patti followed in her mother's footsteps of designing and creating.  She actually started out as a photographer and quickly grew her artwork into giftable products.  Purchasing their items and gifting them is a great way to spread happiness and love.  A cute sentiment for someone or just the thing they needed to make them smile today.  A personal reminder to live your own magical natural life.  They have been an amazing vendor to work with over the years and they truly care about the individual.  They have a huge heart and do so much for the community.  Check out their GiveBack programs on their website if you want to read more on that!   I like to highlight and give you all more information on these companies because I know that it can be tough to decide where you want to spend your hard-earned money and what you want to spend it on.  I think their products are well worth every penny and am honored to be able to offer the assortment to you guys.  

Last week we posted a video of the famous Bandeau band.  This is one of our favorite items because it can serve so many purposes.  Wear it as a headband, hair tie for a bun or ponytail, head wrap, neck warmer, bracelet, bandeau top...shew, talk about bang for your buck! 

Please check out our video to see a few ways we styled it if you haven't yet.  We can't wait to see how you will wear your bandeau.  Tag us on Instagram or Facebook!

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