Your vibe attracts your tribe

Your vibe attracts your tribe

How's everybody doing!?  I got a little behind on work and skipped last week, whoops.  It happens though.  Things have been busy and I am working hard to secure some great items for the fall.  I cannot wait to share one of the new brands we will be carrying!  We are working to get some events lined up for the next three months so be sure to follow along with us on social media or our newsletter.

Guys, I have been overwhelmed with the positive response to our inventory selection and our social media content.  I am so blessed to have a fantastic team of girls working with me.  We all flow and work so well together.  It is not a huge operation but when things click, there can be a lot accomplished.  Carolyn has been running our social media and building her talent as a photographer.  She gets the type of look and brand presence I am going for...and always delivers.  Plus, she makes it so fun to take photos!  The chemistry with your photographer is key because I know for me, personally, I tend to not be as natural in front of the camera.  Allyii joined us a few months back to model for photos and now has joined the shop as our intern and associate.  She is a down to earth, tell it like it is girl.  We are really excited to work with her and partner on new marketing tactics.  Brittany just recently started modeling with us and she has been a breeze to work with.  She is so sweet and makes photoshoot day so easy!

I am beyond grateful for the girls and the help that they provide to help promote and display all of our adorable items coming in.  I think you definitely attract your tribe, so it is very important to stay positive and seek out others that lift you up.   Love yourself and believe wholeheartedly that you deserve good things.  Show your gratitude for everything in your life.  Get a little uncomfortable.  You will never know if you never ask!  Get out of your comfort zone and just start talking to new people.  It is great for your endorphins and you might just end up finding a new best friend.  Put it out into the universe and you will find like-minded people.   

With love,