How to pick colors for your mood

How to pick colors for your mood

Hey hey lovelies!  Halfway through the week and I don't know about you, but this week seems to be flying by.  We had a great time at our Customer Appreciation event and it was so much fun having Katherine join us for Fairy Hair.  Anyone that missed out, don't fret... I am definitely having her back a few more times during the holiday season.  I love the cobalt blue she did in mine.  Nice and subtle, just a little extra pop.  

So today I wanted to talk about colors.  Yes, taking it way back to kindergarten days!  But in all seriousness, how many of us gravitate towards black, navy or brown?  I know I always have and I don't think I am alone.  However, there are so many amazing things that color can do for us.  There are tons of studies and psychology behind the correlation between color and mood.  I challenge you all to take a little step outside of the comfort zone and really think about the color of the outfit you are putting together this week.  Colors have a huge impact on our emotions and how we feel.  Think about your food.  If you have a plate of all colorless bland things, even if you are starving, you almost have no appetite to eat it.  Now if you add fresh food with all colors from the rainbow, suddenly you are excited and ready to dive in.  Your outfit can do the same thing.  Let's say you are really needing that extra bit of confidence in your day.  Try wearing yellow or orange.  It is bright and cheerful plus it will increase your confidence and even creativity!   Here are a few different colors and how they can impact the way you not only look but feel.  Try to start incorporating these into your everyday style and see if it plays a difference.  

Red  -  this color is bold, so be ready to feel intense, courageous and excited

Yellow  -  boost confidence, creativity and increase optimism.  Yes, yellow is outside of many peoples comfort zone, but you just need to find the right hue for you.  

Orange  -  sophisticated, warm and energetic.  Go with a nice burnt orange or rust color that will be perfect for the fall and add an extra bit of sophistication

Green  -  gives you that sense of peace, harmony, and balance.  It does this because of its representation of nature

Blue  -  this color is all about calm, cool and collected.  So if you are needing some focus and clarity, this is your color!

Purple  -  of course, we think of luxury and royalty.  Wear this when you are wanting to feel ambitious and independent

Pink  -  love, kindness, and romance.  Stick with more of a mauve or raspberry tone for the fall.  Yes, it can be fun and flirty for a date night, but also try wearing it when you are in need of extra compassion. 

With Love,