How to seamlessly transition from Summer to Fall

How to seamlessly transition from Summer to Fall

I talked two weeks ago about how challenging it can be to transition to Fall when we live in a beach town and the temperatures are still screaming mid-Summer.   I have pulled together a compilation of things you can start to tweak in your wardrobe over the next two months that will help you look Fall ready without sweating your behind off!  It also helps to stretch that budget and get more use out of the items in your wardrobe. 

1.  Lightweight poncho or kimonos to pair with some of those sleeveless or off the shoulder summer tops.

2.  Add a thin scarf to a short-sleeved shirt.

3.  Leather jackets... keep you warmer and look fierce at the same time.

4.  Use your whites to pair with fall colors like mustard, eggplant, olive or burgundy. 

5.  Change out the pastel or neon nail polish to earth tones or jewel tones. 

6.   Carry that neutral straw bag or beach tote with your outfit.  Keeps you casual and since it is neutral it will still pair well with the darker color palatte.

7.  Switch out the flip flops for some open-toed booties or mules. 

8.  Jumpsuits... keep 'em coming!  No reason to stop wearing these gems of an outfit.  Pair with a little jean jacket if it is off the shoulder or spaghetti strap.

9.  Add a pair of tights to your mini skirt. 

10.  Don't stress over it being "Fall" attire.  Just make sure it is weather appropriate and you will be good to go!

With Love,