How to take your t-shirt and jeans to the next level!

How to take your t-shirt and jeans to the next level!

If any of you follow our social media pages, you probably have seen a few videos we started posting.  Carolyn has been really working to help come up with styling tips and ideas to share with you all.  There are so many times we hear how much you guys love the assortment in the shop but are still figuring out ways you could apply them to your own wardrobe and style.  You can take an outfit from cute to stunning with just a few minor tweaks.  

Shopping and styling tips!

1.  Think beyond the hanger.  There are lots of shirts or outfits that the hanger, unfortunately, doesn't do it justice.  Try it on, you may be pleasantly surprised.  Sometimes you might even want to buy a size or two bigger to wear it as a dress or tunic instead!

2.  Don't be afraid to tie, tuck in or belt the top.  These little details can help give the outfit an entirely new look and give some shape, too.

3.  Wear the clothes, don't let them wear you!  Be confident, you are beautiful and your individual style is what makes you so unique.  I love being inspired and seeing new ways you guys wear our pieces.

4.  Always be sure to accessorize.  This can make a look casual or dressy, funky or classy.  It really gives you the ability to maximize your closet and get more use out of fewer items.

5.  Ask us to help style you.  It is okay to do this!  That's a huge benefit of shopping in a small boutique like ours.  We are here for you and truly want to help.  I love being able to work with someone and help transform the whole look.

So head over to our Instagram page to see our latest post of Carolyn turning this casual look into her own personal style.  Can't wait to see what you guys think!  Please leave us comments on the video or DM us feedback and what other styling videos you would love to see!

Until next time,