Weathering the Uncertainties

Weathering the Uncertainties

This week has been crazy hard to focus or get any work done.  We have been closely tracking Hurricane Dorian and trying to make plans and preparations as best as possible.  This storm has changed paths so many times and there is so much uncertainty in the forecast.  However, the devastation to the Bahamas is unimaginable.  We are keeping all of those that have already seen it’s destruction in our prayers.   I think with this being almost a year (one week shy) of Hurricane Florence, there are a lot of emotions and feelings coming back up. That storm hit our little beach town pretty hard and I know I am no where near prepared to go through that again. My stance is to err on the side of caution because at the end of the day it is Mother Nature and we have no real clue what could suddenly change or happen.  It’s also hard to plan when you have not only a home but a business to prepare for.  Hurricane prepping takes time and if you wait until the last minute, it could be too late.  

We are doing what we feel is best to begin hunkering down and getting ready to ride this thing out.   This will be our first year staying during it and we finally got a generator because last year we were without power for two weeks.  I don’t think this one will be that extreme, but ya just never know.  We also want our staff and families to remain safe, as well.  Thank you to everyone who has already reached out and for your understanding as we close up the shop.  It is always a hard pill to swallow to have to make that call to close.  It is the nature of where we live, but it never makes it any easier.  We will keep you guys updated on social media as to when we plan to reopen and please please everyone stay safe.

with love,