Put Your Money Where Your Town Is

Put Your Money Where Your Town Is

Hello hello lovely ladies... and gents.

I have been slacking majorly on these blog posts.  The past few weeks have been insanely busy with birthday celebrations, events in the shop and preparing for the busiest time of the year.  I hope you all are truly able to enjoy this time through all the chaos.  I know for me there are times that I get so caught up in everything going on that I forget to stop, be present and soak it all in.  Try to be mindful of that and just enjoy the time because we all know how fast it flies!  

I also want to just take this time to talk about how important shopping local is for all us small business hustlers.  There are tons of promotions, advertising, and incentives to get you to shop in certain places.  When you are overwhelmed with the number of options, just take a minute and think about the places you would be devastated if they weren't there anymore.  That is the reality for small shops versus the big dogs.  Small business survival ensures the livelihood of communities, creates meaningful jobs, supports the artists, and the preservation of traditional production methods.  We are happy with the close-knit communities we have built and we depend on them.  Just as you all depend on us to contribute to the community and uplift the town in which we call home!  So skip the lines and the crowds while making sure to get a personalized shopping experience along with some pretty amazing, unique gifts.  

A few stats about shopping local.  For every $100 spent locally, $68 goes back into the community.    70% of the owners' source and purchase locally.  And 83% shop small for their non-business purchases!  So here are my friendly reminders and a variety of ways you can continue to support all your hard-working, local small business owners!

  • Think Big, Shop Small- your support impacts the community in a big way
  • Shop local for Small Business Saturday
  • Gift from local stores and spread the word to family & friends
  • Get out there and explore your neighborhood- you never know what hidden gems you will find right in your own backyard
  • Write positive online reviews for Google or Facebook
  • Interact, comment and share social media content  

As always, with love!