Quality trumps quantity

Quality trumps quantity

Hey Everyone!

So last week I talked a little about Ian and not having that consistent couple of hours during nap time to work....Miraculously today he went down for a nap for me, without hesitation, which is perfect since it is my blog post day!   Cheers to that. 

Alright, let's dive in.  I titled this Quality over Quantity because I want to feature Hobo the Original Bags and this is one of the mottos they stand for.  For those not familiar, Hobo was created in 1991 by Koren Ray and we started carrying the line at our Maryland location when they began.  Koren grew up in the leather shop where her mom worked and fell in love with the characteristics and imperfections of the material.  It is funny because I can relate to her in a way as I grew up with my sisters playing in my nana and then mom's boutique.  Koren and her husband focus on the unwavering quality of these beautiful bags that truly get better with time.  They are not only gorgeous leather bags, but they are so lightweight.  My pet peeve is picking up and completely EMPTY bag and already feeling like it has a ton of bricks in it.  

Yes, these bags are an investment... but as is all the good quality things in life, right?  It is one of the things I look for in brands that we carry and represent.  Plus, I love when we have a hobo customer come in with their 7-year-old wallet or 15-year-old handbag!  It is wonderful to see the patina and quality it keeps over time.  We love seeing the brand evolve and continue to grow.  We recently got our approval to sell the handbags online and it is such a blessing.  Now I can sell to all of you near and far.  And if you ever need to see more of a certain bag or a better shot of the inside, don't hesitate to email.  Carolyn is modeling the Saunter belt bag in this photo which is a great fanny pack that could convert to a crossbody!  I think there is a style and color for everyone to enjoy and I hope you all fall in love with the brand as much as we do!  

With Love,