My first podcast appearance!

My first podcast appearance!

Hey Lovely Ladies,

Last week I got the honor to speak on Kelsee's Podcast called Real is Empowering: Episode  Rollercoaster.  She had asked me a few months back about being on when she was just getting it started.  We never would have predicted where things would be now though.  It was a great opportunity for me to share a little of what this journey and time has been like being a small business owner.  We went off topic of what we originally planned but it was a great conversation and very classic to how her and I operate. haha

I wanted to speak a little truth for any other business owners out there going through the same thing I have been.  This time has been full of stress, anxiety, up and down emotions of feeling like we can overcome this to feeling like I could lose my entire business that I have put every bit of myself into.  Everyone's journey during these last 6 weeks and this pandemic has looked very different.  It is hard sometimes to be honest because you don't want to sound insensitive or offensive, but that is never the intention.  We are all anxious and frustrated being completely ripped out of our normal routines.  Some are still working and being over worked.  Others are laid off hoping to return to their job or having one to return to.  It is a struggle for us ALL.  We have to learn to respect we are each in a different path of life but going through the same horrible storm.  What someone else deems as important or is upset about does not mean that everyone has to feel that way.  But we can empathize.  We can acknowledge that they are valid to feel whatever they need to feel.  We can respect this is hard on everyone in the world, literally.  We each mourn in our own ways and even if you didn't know someone who passed away from this virus... you still mourned.   

But what I hope, is that we are all able to rise above.  That we take this time as an opportunity to wake up.  To realize how fragile and short life is.  To see how, in the blink of an eye, our entire "reality" can change.  Nothing is guaranteed so we must enjoy and embrace every moment.  We have to take time for ourselves, our family, our friends.  We are social creatures.  Let us remember that and be grateful for every future plan we are able to make and every future place we can travel to.  I know I do not want things to go back to the way they were.  I want better for us.  I don't want to feel like I am always playing catch-up or like I am a hamster on a wheel missing out on all the amazing things life brings us.  I want to embrace each day as if it's Christmas and every minute is a gift.

I am so blessed to have met Kelsee and encourage you all to follow her!  She is building a supportive community for women and people to be real while supporting each others goals and dreams.  If you're running out of Netflix shows and need to switch it up or just looking for a new podcast to listen to, please go check it out!   Real is Empowering and life is a roller coaster... so hop in for the ride!

With Love,