Slow down and send good vibes

Slow down and send good vibes

Hello my Camillions Fam!

I know it has been a month now and this has been all kinds of emotions for each of us.  We are all experiencing different things and though each situation is unique, it is all still fundamentally the same.  We have had to forgo all normal life routines, not have a sense of security, slow down, unite together as a country and a world.  

I hope that this gift can be a reminder of this time.  That you can look at the air freshener when we go back to our normal lives, and remember that it is OK to just chill.  That we can and should allow ourselves the time to slow down and soak life in because we know it is too precious to miss.  That when you see that sticker it makes you appreciate that hug from a friend, that happy hour, that date night away from the kids, that church service, those snuggles with the grandkids and never take any of it for granted again.  That we can remember to be patient because you never know how someone else's day has been.  We never truly know how someone else is feeling because we don't stop to take the time to understand.  To remember that love can get us through even the darkest of times.  

We are social beings.  We need each other and we need to exude that through love, kindness and so many good vibes. 

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With Love,