The Simple and The Unique

The Simple and The Unique

Happy Wednesday everyone!   It has been beautiful out.  I am loving this little cool, crisp breeze we are getting here.  Pumpkin season is my absolute fave!!  And we continue to get so many fun new arrivals in store.  Today I wanted to highlight one of our favorite brands and artist.  Amanda is the owner and creator behind SA79 cuffs.  These beauties are simply amazing and more than just bracelets.  Each one has so much detail and thought put into it.  And there is a color option for everyone.  I am so happy and blessed to have connected with Amanda.  She is such a sweet person and truly pours her all into what she does.  Building her business is allowing her the freedom to support her and her two sons.  It also gives her the ability to have a flexible schedule to be there for them and juggle being a single mom.  Every purchase you makes helps get her and her family that much closer to their dreams and that is a beautiful thing.

Now let's talk about the products!  She creates laser-cut leather cuffs and earrings.  The whole line just got a huge upgrade with brand new leather and metals.  There are two snaps to adjust based on your wrist size.  But Amanda is super accommodating, so if you need a specific size don't hesitate to ask us!  The leather is all dyed and then sealed with a beeswax coating to help prevent normal wear and water exposure.  These aren't technically meant to get wet... but the cool thing is, they are leather.  And let's face it, things happen.  So if your cuff gets wet or becomes too stiff, you can take a little bit of plain lotion and massage it into the leather.  This along with normal use and wear will help soften the leather again and it will be good as new.  

If you haven't checked these out yet, please go on our website and search SA79.  We have plenty of new cuffs and earrings for you to see.  I also have a hunch these are going to be a huge gift item this holiday season, so start giving me all your special requests now.  These are simply an item you cannot miss!

With Love,