TOP 12 Holiday Gifts for Her under $30

TOP 12 Holiday Gifts for Her under $30

Holiday gift giving time is here and I am so excited for the holiday season.  I usually dread this time, but this year has been so challenging and so hard on many of us that I think we are all excited for a little extra holiday cheer!  I am making the most of it, I am not allowing stress to be a factor and I am enjoying the time to really take in every small moment.  So I figured I would put together my top 12 favorite gifts for her to make your holiday shopping easier.  Get those orders in as soon as possible to account for shipping times.  And I am happy to ship directly to your recipient with a cute holiday card included, too!  Just leave a note at checkout and I will make it look adorable for you!

1.  HAPPY BOX - $25 cute & complete box full of 6 to 8 goodies inside


2.  KEYCHAINS - We have a bunch of cute keychains that range from $8 to $15

Macrame Keychain

3.  VINYL STICKERS -  $3 each and they are cute to put on your laptop, tumbler, mug, or notebook.  Or if you are like me and can't commit to sticking it, grab one of our little photo clips and keep it as a display item on your desk

4.  BOHO BANDEAU -  Either $10 or $13 depending on if you get the half or the full size.  These babies are so multifunctional and versatile, they make the perfect gift

Boho Bandeau

5.  PURA VIDA BRACELETS - Ranging in price from $6 to $16.  Who would not love to get a cute one of these in their stocking this year!?

Pura Vida

6.  SWIG LIFE SKINNY CAN -  $28 to keep all your skinny cans cool and in style this holiday season


7.  LES CREME SOAP -  $9 each and they all smell amazing plus they are vegan and made with coconut and essential oils


8.  NATURAL LIFE MUGS -  $17 Each plus they are all ceramic and hand painted. How could this not bring a smile to your morning!?


9.  EARRINGS -  We have some adorable new fashion earrings that start at $16 and up.  With all those zoom and facetime calls, ya girl needs to have some cute earrings to get some extra compliments in her day


10.  LUCKY LITTLE CHARMS  -  $12 each these little guys come in a tiny box with a cute saying on them.  These are good luck charms, perfect stocking stuffers and great for young girls 

Lucky Little

11.  CAR CHARMS -  $10 Each to add a little extra pizazz on your rear view mirror

Car charm

12.  A LITTLE ... BRACELET -  $14 Each  stretchy silver bracelets with a cute little charm dangling on and all packaged up to make a perfect gift

A Little bracelet


I truly hope this gives you some inspiration and that you find the perfect gift you are looking for!  Don't hesitate to call or text me if you need any advice, I am always happy to help.

Thank you for keeping my dream going and supporting my small business.

Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday season

With Love,