Transitioning to an Online Only Boutique

Transitioning to an Online Only Boutique

Hey Guys,

I have been getting lots of questions lately about whether we are still open, if you can place an order & if there is still a local pickup option.  So I wanted to just take a minute to address all of that in one place.   It has been exactly one month since we moved out of the brick & mortar location.  The transition has not been super easy, but that is to be expected anytime it comes to a major life change.  I am still struggling with the thought that I won't be in that beautiful space any longer and I definitely do miss the person to person interaction.  However, the transition to work from home and not lug Ian on a bunch of errands with me has made life a little easier.  I also am available at anytime by call or text on the business line.  I do recommend texting because I do have very spotty service in my house. 

All of the items are still available on the website for sale to ship to you & the bonus since we are online, is that we are technically open 24/7!  I am also offering local porch pickups.  Those of you that are local or in the area that want to take advantage of this, simply enter the code PICKUP at checkout & I will coordinate the pickup details once I receive your order.  

I know this is not ideal.  I wish this wasn't the decision I had to make this year.  But to be honest, 2020 has just been brutal.  Many of you can relate and are probably counting down with me to ring in the new year.  My hope is that I can work to keep the business going by operating fully online.  While it was never a part of my plans, I am not quite ready to give up on my dream.  So for now, we move forward and I hope that I can bring you all of the customer service that I have for the last 5 years... only now virtually. 

Your support, whether that be through ordering, sharing my website with a friend or commenting on social media is extremely appreciated.  Every little bit helps me to build exposure and continue to serve more amazing women like you.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart & I hope you have a very Happy Holiday season.

With Love,