What Does Fashion Mean to You?

What Does Fashion Mean to You?

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for tuning back into our blog.  I want to take a minute to thank you guys for reading along and checking back every Wednesday to see what we are discussing for the week!  This week I asked myself the question what does fashion really mean to me?  This may sound silly, but there are times in my journey running the boutique where I question if what I am doing is making a difference.  Many people could look at what I do and think oh she is just selling clothing or I can shop anywhere, why would I shop there?  And yes, technically those are both true.  But I want to give you a little of my why and what drives me to want to help style and share my passion with all of you lovely ladies! 

Fashion has always been extremely important to me.  I grew up in both my Nana's and Mom's boutiques, so I was around it all the time.  I watched them put smiles on women's faces and build amazing relationships with customers.  They became a part of the community and town they lived in.  People would recognize other women wearing Camillions.  On the other side, I have also always struggled with body image issues, so I am constantly looking for the right outfit or top to make me feel good about my body.  Finding the right outfit or right fit can make a huge difference in not only how you look, but in how you feel.  And at many times I don't have a huge budget to go shopping (because life) so I love what accessorizing can do to change your outfit.

Fashion, to me, is the first impression.  It is a compliment on the day you need it most.  It is a true expression of your core.  It is the extra pep in your step because you are feeling so confident.  It is an opportunity to strike a conversation and meet new friends.  It is the statement you can make when words fail you.  It is what sets me apart from you and you and you.  It is something we all should take pride in.  It is an investment in ourselves.  It is a great way to have some fun at times that life can be so serious.  So, what does fashion mean to you?!  I would love to hear from you!  Please share your answer on your Instagram story and tag @camillionsnc along with #imacamillion.

With Love,