BoldB Bingara Ark Pendant Necklace

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BoldB Bingara Ark Pendant Necklace
  • Concrete ark shaped necklace 
  • Golded colored cluster that looks like an exposed rock
  • Cluster collection combining gold-colored crystal shapes with the contrast of the smooth dark concrete.
  • Each piece is handmade so there may be slight variations and changes from images shown
  • Each design bears its name from a region in Australia rich in a particular precious stone or metal. The Bingara Ark pendant is named after a small town in New South Wales and it is one of the few places in Australia where Diamonds have been found. The word 'Bingara' is an aboriginal word for creek.

Supporting a good cause.  For every item BoldB sells, they make a donation to safe water projects or girl's education in the developing world - through our support of the international non-profit organizations and Room to Read.