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Makeup Junkie Bags


The Cozumel Makeup Junkie Bag is a serape multi-colored exterior with hot pink interior.   Boutique exclusive print!

The bag look varies as the cut of the fabric changes.

Makeup Junkie Bags are the most innovative cosmetic bags. The unique design allows your items to lay flat, and be easily seen when you open the bag. Makeup Junkie bags feature a medial zipper that keeps your products from falling out when in use. Each Makeup Junkie bag features a designer fabric that is washable or wipeable, coordinating interior fabric that is moisture resistant, a signature brightly colored zipper and suede tassel.

The designers ensure that each handcrafted Cozumel bag comes with a royal blue Zipper and colorful tassel.  Tassel color is paired at random and will vary from image. 

*Each Makeup Junkie Bag comes with designer, moisture resistant, wipeable interior liner*

Care Instructions: Cozumel bags are washable, cold only. Lay flat, or hang to dry. Do not use iron

Handmade in Texas.

Mini Size - 7"

Small Size - 81/2"

Medium Size - 11"

Large Size - 14"

Bags sizes vary due to fabric density.