SA79 The New View Leather Earrings

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Simply Adorned 79 - The New View Leather Earrings Exclusive and Limited Edition 

This abstract window design came to Amanda through these past few weeks of quarantine.  Our windows have been the view that many of us have been left looking out since it all started.  It’s a great reminder to keep perspective in every day of life and to appreciate all those amazing things we get to do and often can take for granted.  When we start to go back to our lives, we hope to remember the way it felt looking out the window and to have a whole new appreciation of life.  Let’s make a conscious effort to cherish every little moment!


-Copper earring wires & jump rings

-Earrings are all leather, stained with a water-based dye/s

-Earrings dangle approximately 2.5" long and are 1.5" wide

-Earrings are branded with SA79 logo

-First color listed is the top color, second color listed is the back color

-All items are handmade in NC so please know there may be slight variations in color or design.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for order to ship as these are exclusive to us being made to order, thank you!

Custom color options any two of the following:

Metallic dyes: silver, gold, pearl

Metallic paint: gold & copper

Flat dyes: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, fuchsia, Bordeaux, brown, tan, orange, turquoise, black